You think you are the only one?

When I was born I was just breathing without having any name nor aim but when I will die I   would be dying with a great smile in my face  remembering i didn't give up and lived my life to the fullest. The only thing we earn in our life is our name.Yes,I am running, living and fighting for that name. Not only me the entire world is running with that name to make that name to the top. Unfortunately, there will always be ups and downs in your every step but the only thing we had to focus on is our dream.Sometimes things were in my favour sometimes not. Sometime I won , someday I failed.

My heart even my confidence was broken several times but we have to gather up all those pieces in order to make our life fruitful. In your every step there would be people who would try to make u down but you have to get stronger and smack their face with your success.

I have traveled to many places in the country, I have stayed in most of the luxurious hotels, dined at extravagant restaurants and hotels having worst smells too. At least I am grateful for the life I lived but neither a moment goes by where I don't realize the divinity and the abundance I am surrounded by. ''The image I m building right now might be the dream of someone'' by saying these things I always motivate myself. My heart had been ripped off many times but not giving up is the only Moto I have learned so far. The only thing I want u people to learn is to have faith in yourself and to always support your own decisions and face those problems with great grin in your face because that's how you live. 

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